Hiding Carpet Stains Until The Pros Arrive

It’s time. Your carpet has been accruing small stains over the course of basically forever. You’ve cleaned up what you can but it’s time to use the big guns. You’ve called in the carpet cleaning company. We’ve all been there, but the hard part is when your professional carpet cleaners can’t show up right away. Now when you have anyone over during the next week you’ll be worried about those stains, right? No need to worry any longer. We’ve got a couple of temporary solutions for hiding those until we get there to solve the problem for good.

I Love That New Rug

Sometimes, the best method of hiding a stain is just tucking it away out of view. Rugs of any size can honestly add a certain something to any room of the house. It’s also a pretty inexpensive way to alter the mood of a room. Who knows? You might even like it and keep it after we get the stain out from under it

Along those same lines, a dirty carpet waiting to be cleaned may just signal a furniture rearrangement. Moving the couch forward a little bit can conveniently take care of that grape juice. Or putting the armchair on the other side of the table can make it look like that bloody nose never happened. Perhaps you just really need that coffee table to be oriented the other way. Whatever the reason, reorganized furniture is a great and potentially creative way to hide a stain until we come take care of it for you.

We’ll Iron Out The Details

A little bit of DIY never hurt either. Some stains are all but impossible to take care of yourself if they’ve been there a while. You can maybe lighten the stain, at least. A combination of baking soda and mild vinegar can go a long way. Just lay a damp cloth over the spot and lightly iron it. A portion of the stain should be transferred to the cloth. Even if this doesn’t get rid of the entire stain, it may escape easy notice for the short period of time before the pros get there

However you feel like doing it, stains can definitely be hidden for a short (or long, if you really feel like it) period of time. The lesson here may just be to call us before it gets too late! This carpet cleaning company knows how to make everything look as good as new!

Why Carpet Is Best For Your Floor

When building or renovating a home, it is tempting to lay down wood flooring throughout most of your home. There are many reasons to skip the splinters and choose carpet to use in your home.


Aesthetically, modern carpet looks much better than the gaudy, overly patterned, and thick rugs of decades past. Carpeting can be any color to match the furniture or walls of your home, unlike the limited palette of wood. With lower installation and product costs, it can be easier to choose specific colors for each room rather than buy a large quantity of similar wood to keep unit cost lower. Wood paneling is generally harder to replace than carpeting, and requires more difficult upkeep like lacquer and stain if the wood is authentic.


Anyone who has lived in an apartment has known the difficulty of living below loud people. Carpet helps reduce this problem by acting as a soundproofing or buffer between different parts of the home or building. In an apartment complex, heating costs tend to be lower, especially for sandwiched middle floor rooms. But for houses on their own, having a carpet keeps a little more heat trapped for your feet in winter.


Some people cite cleaning as a reason not to get carpeting. In reality, most carpets can be cleaned of almost anything that spills on them. If done immediately, almost any stain can be removed with modern cleaning products and chemical solvents. The best part is that you don’t need to look any further for quality carpet cleaning information and professionals! We’ve got you. Wood, of course, is more likely to become scratched or have pieces break off. Anyone with dogs should get carpet to avoid nail scratches throughout their home. Carpet also keeps floors safer for young children, who fall constantly in their first years of life.


If you want your floor softer, warmer, cozier, easier to take care of and more aesthetically versatile, then a carpet floor might just be for you.

How To Kid-Proof Your Floors

Kids are destructive in nature. That’s why parents have to be so diligent preparing for a child in their home. It’s easy to remember some things. Locking away chemicals and medicine is a good start. But, it can be difficult to prepare for the many ways children try to destroy their own home.


While scribbled walls take the brunt of children’s creative outlet, floors can take a beating from kids too. One of the best ways to prepare is just to simply have all the cleaning materials you would need for the most obvious problems before they happen. That will help you keep a cool head and not make the mistake into an upsetting memory. Markers, food, gum, and waste will get everywhere in your time as a parent, so be ready. Basic surface cleaners, as well as children safe chemicals you can get at your local supermarket. When things get beyond your ability to handle, you can always call us at A Nu Look to take care of it for you!


One way that people forget to kid-proof their home is to think about the space from a toddler’s perspective. Objects that might be a pain in your shin could be a real hazard to a 3-foot tall child. Watch out for sharp corners on tables, chairs, and other furniture. Any delicate, fragile, or irreplaceable items should probably not be anywhere near your kid. Carpeting and rugs are a great way to cut down on accidents, since hardwood and tile can be very slick when wet and hard to keep steady for new walkers. Just throwing down a few rugs where your child will be playing can do wonders.


Remember that high traffic areas are going to be hurt most. Wherever a pair of muddy feet, or snow covered boots enter the home are going to have to put up with a lot more than anywhere else in the home. Creating a space that can handle these messes better is a good idea: train your children to leave the most unclean things in the doorway and not to make a mess throughout the house.


Interior Design Ideas And Inspiration For All

Interior Design Ideas And Inspiration For All

Interior Design Ideas And Inspiration For AllHave you been wanting to make your home look better through interior design? You can rest assured, you are not the only one, and this piece will give you great ideas to pursue this endeavor. Read further to see how well they can work for you!

It is essential that you select the appropriate color scheme when you redesign any room in your home. You want the colors to compliment each other and not clash. You should also avoid the use of many bold and bright colors in a single room.

When choosing furniture to place in a small room, look for pieces that have versatility. For example, try ottomans instead of sofas or chairs. You can use the ottoman as both a table, as well as additional seating. Finding items with two functions can help maximize tiny spaces.

Get rid of all of your clutter before executing your interior design plan. Pretty much any home will benefit from a nice de-cluttering. You can donate your extra things to a charity or even have a garage sale!

Focus on the details. Interesting looks can be created if you use small decorative items that form different color patterns. You could, for instance, choose your decor, fixture, cupboard knobs and window treatments according to a theme instead of thinking about the larger picture and changing your floor or buying new furniture.

Only half of the wall could be wallpapered. Redecorating your walls could be expensive. Cover half of the wall with wallpaper to save money. Try wallpapering only the bottom half of a wall, and then use a wood or wallpaper border where the wallpaper ends to make it look finished. You can easily make your home feel stylish with this method, without breaking the bank.

Interior Design Ideas And Inspiration For AllIf your floors are concrete, stone, or tile, you can lay down some area rugs that give your rooms a cozy feel. To prevent too much damage to rugs, move them around often. This can also increase the longevity of the rugs that you purchase.

Take lighting into deep consideration when renovating a room. This is how the mood is created in the space. Kitchen and bathrooms require adequate lighting in order to function properly. Bright lights can overwhelm small rooms and areas where you want to create a softer mood. For these types of rooms, like bedrooms and living rooms, use dimmer lights.

The proper amount and placement of light is crucial to any design project. There are a lot of ways you can use light in decorating; windows, lighting, candles, and mirrors all play a part. As long as these elements work in harmony, your environment will be brighter and more enjoyable.

All of the furniture in the living room does not need to face the television. It is always nice to have a conversation area or an additional spot to sit in away from the noise of the television. Use this space to have tea with friends and chat a bit.

Paint your ceiling “standard” white if you just want to freshen the look of the room. This paint is made to reflect light throughout a room. Try it, and you will notice a positive effect on the quality of the light in the room.

When designing your home, there is no need to consult high-end design magazines or pricey professionals. The only things that are necessary are the desire to learn and the ability to focus your attention on creating the ideal sanctuary in which your family can reside. The above article should have provided the needed advice on how you can get started in making your dream design into reality!

Improve The Look Of Your Drab Home Interior Today

Improve The Look Of Your Drab Home Interior Today

Improve The Look Of Your Drab Home Interior TodayYou might be under the impression that you must possess a lot of skill to do interior design. However, you would be surprised at just how much magazines and the Internet can assist you in this endeavor. Use this article to begin your interior design journey.

Before you start working in a room, decide the kind of mood you want the room to present. The mood that you want may vary. You may desire a calm mood, or you may want to portray an exciting mood. Choosing the mood of the room will help you choose more cohesive decorations in order to create a better room.

Think about how bright your space is. If a room doesn’t have that many windows, you might want to go with a lighter shade of paint or wallpaper so that the room doesn’t seem like a cave.

When you are decorating a wall with artwork, you should hang it at the level of your eye for the best effect. If you hang it in the wrong place it can make your room seem unbalanced.

Pay close attention to the little details. A unique look can be created by simply using tiny decor elements or coming up with color patterns with varying tiny items. One method of doing this is to select cabinetry hardware or throw pillows that incorporate a specific theme instead of focusing on larger elements of a room.

Add wallpaper to half of the wall. It can cost a lot of money to redecorate walls. If you want to reduce your outlays, only apply wallpaper to 50% of your wall. Use a bold border to break up the space and then paint the rest of the wall with a coordinating color. You can save money, yet give your walls style by doing this.

Improve The Look Of Your Drab Home Interior TodayWhen thinking about painting, it is best not to rush into it. Rushing can lead to a color choice you may regret. Get several paint samples, and apply them to the wall you wish to paint. Then, wait a couple of days. Consider buying several samples, applying them to your wall and then making your decision. You might be surprised to find that you’re not as in love with a color as you thought you were.

It is a good idea to invest in paint; a paint that is high-quality is suggested. Low-quality paints wear easily and can cause damage to walls, creating the need to paint more often. Invest in a good paint brand and add longevity to your design.

Using pretty area rugs on concrete or tile floors will provide a cozy surface for your feet. Always make sure that all rugs are rotated on occasion as to lessen the amount of wear and tear. Switching spots or a quick spin can keep your rugs looking new longer.

Be open to painting options that do not only use solid colors. There are a lot of tutorials that you could find online that you could use when it comes to interior design. Being creative when you’re painting can help bring a room to life and be a lot of fun.

One way to quickly update any room is for you to focus on your accessories. A simple accent pillow, a new ceiling light or end table can make a big difference. Updating curtains or adding an elegant silk flower arrangement are other options. Making small changes adds something fresh to your rooms. Also, you won’t spend lots of money on them.

You have now taken a glimpse into interior design and all it has to offer. . It’s not as hard as it appears and using the proper tools available, you can tackle any design! Don’t settle for an ordinary home; instead, design something special for you and your family.