How To Kid-Proof Your Floors

Kids are destructive in nature. That’s why parents have to be so diligent preparing for a child in their home. It’s easy to remember some things. Locking away chemicals and medicine is a good start. But, it can be difficult to prepare for the many ways children try to destroy their own home.


While scribbled walls take the brunt of children’s creative outlet, floors can take a beating from kids too. One of the best ways to prepare is just to simply have all the cleaning materials you would need for the most obvious problems before they happen. That will help you keep a cool head and not make the mistake into an upsetting memory. Markers, food, gum, and waste will get everywhere in your time as a parent, so be ready. Basic surface cleaners, as well as children safe chemicals you can get at your local supermarket. When things get beyond your ability to handle, you can always call us at A Nu Look to take care of it for you!


One way that people forget to kid-proof their home is to think about the space from a toddler’s perspective. Objects that might be a pain in your shin could be a real hazard to a 3-foot tall child. Watch out for sharp corners on tables, chairs, and other furniture. Any delicate, fragile, or irreplaceable items should probably not be anywhere near your kid. Carpeting and rugs are a great way to cut down on accidents, since hardwood and tile can be very slick when wet and hard to keep steady for new walkers. Just throwing down a few rugs where your child will be playing can do wonders.


Remember that high traffic areas are going to be hurt most. Wherever a pair of muddy feet, or snow covered boots enter the home are going to have to put up with a lot more than anywhere else in the home. Creating a space that can handle these messes better is a good idea: train your children to leave the most unclean things in the doorway and not to make a mess throughout the house.


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