What our most thorough cleaning method will do for you

  1. Kills dust mites and bacteria, and removes what they live on
  2. Sucks out many flea eggs
  3. Pulls pollutants out of your home
  4. Refreshes carpet texture
  5. Prolongs carpet life and improves softness, fluffiness and appearance
  6. Washes out water soluble soils
  7. Solubulize oily dirts
  8. Reverses some oxidation
  9. Brightens colors
  10. No harmful chemicals, safe for pets and our environment
  11. Flushes out odor source
  12. Extracts allergy causing pollens, dust mites, spores, etc.
  13. Permanently washes out sugar, fat and oil residues that attract dirt
  14. Rinses out most of the residues left by previous cleaning attempts
  15. Dissolves asphalt, gum, tar, wax, show polish, etc.
  16. No residue, #1 cleaning method, does not attract dirt
  17. Preservies factory applied protective finish
  18. High velocity turbo fans for maximum drying time