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Spring Cleaning Means Carpet Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Means Carpet Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Means Carpet Cleaning 150 150 Chad Gardner

It’s warming up outside! Not only does that mean it’s time to go outside and enjoy some sunshine, but it’s also time for some cleaning! Spring cleaning has been a tradition around the world for centuries, rumored to actually have started in Iran. Families around the nation would thoroughly clean their homes at the start of each Persian New Year, which landed around the beginning of Spring. But enough with the history lesson, you’re here to learn about cleaning carpets! Here are some tips for welcoming the warm weather with a clean house.


Move Everything

That’s right, everything. Chairs, tables, stands, pianos, everything. During the long winter months, we’re more focused on staying warm than staying clean, and dirt can build up under all of our furniture. If you can clear out an entire room in order to vacuum it, you can get at places you can’t normally reach. You should definitely make use of your various vacuum attachments to reach all of the nooks and crannies. Speaking of places we normally don’t clean, be sure to sweep or wipe off the baseboards around the room. We don’t think of these as things we need to clean, but you don’t realize how much dirt they gather until you wipe them and see all of the dust.


Use a Carpet Cleaner

While vacuuming is great, it’s not going to get all of the allergens and grime hiding deep in your carpet. This is where hiring a professional carpet cleaner comes in. Someone like A Nu-Look can guarantee the cleanliness of your carpet and make sure your spring cleaning pays off for the entire year. We know exactly the best way to clean any kind of and any color of carpet; it’s what we do. If you’re not interested in the professionals and are more of a DIYer, that’s cool too! Many retail stores in your area should offer carpet cleaners for rent. Make sure to do the research so you’re getting the right bang for your buck, and also so you know how to properly clean your carpet. Too many people go through the motions of getting a machine but then don’t utilize it properly.


After a thorough carpet cleaning, be sure to wait 24 hours for your carpet to dry before moving all of the furniture back into the room. With this method, you can do your entire house room by room. If you clean your carpets this well every time you do some spring cleaning and keep up with your vacuuming, you’ll notice a huge decrease in allergy problems and general dirtiness in your home. Be sure to call A Nu Look with any questions about cleaning, or if you need some advice on doing it yourself! Our priority is clean carpets and informed customers. If you call us, remember, it’ll be the cleanest your carpet has ever been. We guarantee it.