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Why Carpet is Best For Your Floor

Why Carpet is Best For Your Floor

Why Carpet is Best For Your Floor 150 150 Chad Gardner

When building or renovating a home, it is tempting to lay down wood flooring throughout most of your home. There are many reasons to skip the splinters and choose carpet to use in your home.


Aesthetically, modern carpet looks much better than the gaudy, overly patterned, and thick rugs of decades past. Carpeting can be any color to match the furniture or walls of your home, unlike the limited palette of wood. With lower installation and product costs, it can be easier to choose specific colors for each room rather than buy a large quantity of similar wood to keep unit cost lower. Wood paneling is generally harder to replace than carpeting, and requires more difficult upkeep like lacquer and stain if the wood is authentic.


Anyone who has lived in an apartment has known the difficulty of living below loud people. Carpet helps reduce this problem by acting as a soundproofing or buffer between different parts of the home or building. In an apartment complex, heating costs tend to be lower, especially for sandwiched middle floor rooms. But for houses on their own, having a carpet keeps a little more heat trapped for your feet in winter.


Some people cite cleaning as a reason not to get carpeting. In reality, most carpets can be cleaned of almost anything that spills on them. If done immediately, almost any stain can be removed with modern cleaning products and chemical solvents. The best part is that you don’t need to look any further for quality carpet cleaning information and professionals! We’ve got you. Wood, of course, is more likely to become scratched or have pieces break off. Anyone with dogs should get carpet to avoid nail scratches throughout their home. Carpet also keeps floors safer for young children, who fall constantly in their first years of life.


If you want your floor softer, warmer, cozier, easier to take care of and more aesthetically versatile, then a carpet floor might just be for you.