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Hiding Carpet Stains Until The Pros Arrive

Hiding Carpet Stains Until The Pros Arrive

Hiding Carpet Stains Until The Pros Arrive 150 150 Chad Gardner

It’s time. Your carpet has been accruing small stains over the course of basically forever. You’ve cleaned up what you can but it’s time to use the big guns. You’ve called in the carpet cleaning company. We’ve all been there, but the hard part is when your professional carpet cleaners can’t show up right away. Now when you have anyone over during the next week you’ll be worried about those stains, right? No need to worry any longer. We’ve got a couple of temporary solutions for hiding those until we get there to solve the problem for good.


I Love That New Rug

Sometimes, the best method of hiding a stain is just tucking it away out of view. Rugs of any size can honestly add a certain something to any room of the house. It’s also a pretty inexpensive way to alter the mood of a room. Who knows? You might even like it and keep it after we get the stain out from under it


Along those same lines, a dirty carpet waiting to be cleaned may just signal a furniture rearrangement. Moving the couch forward a little bit can conveniently take care of that grape juice. Or putting the armchair on the other side of the table can make it look like that bloody nose never happened. Perhaps you just really need that coffee table to be oriented the other way. Whatever the reason, reorganized furniture is a great and potentially creative way to hide a stain until we come take care of it for you.


We’ll Iron Out The Details

A little bit of DIY never hurt either. Some stains are all but impossible to take care of yourself if they’ve been there a while. You can maybe lighten the stain, at least. A combination of baking soda and mild vinegar can go a long way. Just lay a damp cloth over the spot and lightly iron it. A portion of the stain should be transferred to the cloth. Even if this doesn’t get rid of the entire stain, it may escape easy notice for the short period of time before the pros get there.


However you feel like doing it, stains can definitely be hidden for a short (or long, if you really feel like it) period of time. The lesson here may just be to call us before it gets too late! This carpet cleaning company knows how to make everything look as good as new!