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The Top 3 Hardest to Remove Carpet Stains

The Top 3 Hardest to Remove Carpet Stains

The Top 3 Hardest to Remove Carpet Stains 150 150 Chad Gardner

We’ve all heard the horror stories of spilling wine or grape juice on the carpet. But what are the actual 3 worst carpet stains you can make? These are going to be the big ones, the stains that you either clean up immediately or call in a professional. These aren’t in any particular order, but do know that any of these 3 are going to be a thorn in your side. Let’s start.


  1. Wine:
    Wine is a classic. The worst part is that the simple act of consuming more wine makes it more likely that you’ll be spilling. When a party is good enough that it goes on for a few hours, the attendees may get a little tipsy. One knocked table or quick turn around, and suddenly everyone gasps. Whoever is hosting, though, is already on the way to the cabinet for a towel. Make sure not to scrub it in, that just guarantees you need to hire someone. Blotting at the carpet stains and maybe putting a little salt in to absorb the liquid is the right way to go.
  2. Blood:
    It’s pretty unlikely that any of our houses will be the scene of a major crime. However, bloodstains can stem from the most innocuous sources. Maybe someone fell outside or got a bit too fancy when chopping vegetables for dinner. Regardless of how it happens, cleaning blood from the carpet while it’s still fresh is very import. After making sure the injury isn’t serious, of course.
  3. Coffee:
    People drink coffee everywhere. At home, at work, on the commute between the two. As they should, too, coffee is delicious. But it also stains carpets almost instantaneously. Coffee leaves unfortunate brownish/yellowish stains and you’ll need to act quickly to stop it from being permanent. If you have dish detergent or vinegar handy, you may be able to prevent some of the damage.

If any of these liquids make their way into your carpet, worry not! You can call us and we’ll get rid of it no problem.