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Servicing Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, Spokane, and surrounding areas.

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The Most Thorough Air Duct / Dryer Vent Cleaning Ever or it's Free

Vent Cleaning & HVAC Services

Looking to breathe easier? Let the experts at A Nu-Look Cleaning & Restoration service your HVAC and clean your air ducts as well as dryer vents.

Air ducts are the least sanitary part of your home. Cleaning specifically helps allergy sufferers. Pollen and other particulates get washed into your ducts and get cycled into your home’s ventilation system. This can cause sinus irritation, especially for those sensitive to dust.

Duct cleaning removes potential health hazards. Mold and other nasty elements can grow in uncleaned ducts, creating unsafe scenarios for your family and can also damage the duct itself.

Breathe Clean Air... For a Change

Recent studies discovered that air quality in 19 out of 20 homes is considerably more polluted than the air outside.

Your air system plays host to a variety of pollutants such as bacteria, animal hair, pet dander, pollen, plant spores, dust, smoke, mold, and dust mites. Your maze of air ducts, vents, and heating and cooling systems designed to make your home comfortable may, in fact, be making you uncomfortable or even sick.

If your home is one year old or more, these contaminants could be clinging to every square inch of your air duct system.

Is Your Family's Health at Risk? Are You Breathing Clean Air?


Ensuring regular cleaning of duct work and connected systems prevents mold growth, leading to cost savings on maintenance and electricity.

When ducts are clogged, appliances need to work much harder, resulting in increased electricity expenses. By keeping your vents clean, you can immediately cut down on wasted energy, translating to significant annual savings—potentially hundreds of dollars. If you neglect cleaning vents for multiple appliances, your heating and cooling costs could become exponentially higher.

Investing in professional duct and vent cleaning proves to be a wise financial decision, delivering substantial savings year after year.

Chad Gardner - A Nu-Look

Breathe Easier & Let Us Get Your HVAC or Dryer Vents Cleaned Out

Give Chad a call and we’ll get you on the schedule to cleaner breathing with dust-free ductwork and venting. We offer the most competitive rates and best service in Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, and surrounding areas. Contact a Nu-Look and experience quality work from Kootenai County’s premier cleaner!

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